O mica parte dintr-o predica MARE:

The first temptation: self-gratification. Commanding stones to become loaves of bread because He was hungry. Jesus was, and we are tempted to fulfill our wants apart from God’s will. Jesus fought off this temptation by trusting the all-satisfying,  all-sufficient goodness of the Father.

The second temptation: self-protection. “Throw yourself down from here, and the angels will catch you.” Jesus was, and we are tempted to question God’s presence and manipulate God’s promises, but Jesus resisted that temptation by resting in the shelter of the Father’s unshakeable security.

The third temptation: self-exaltation. “You can have everything in the world,” Satan says to Jesus, “if you’ll just turn from the worship of your Father.” Like Jesus, we are tempted to assert ourselves in the world while we rob God of His worship, and glory be to His name, Jesus refused to exchange the end-time exaltation by the Father for a right-now exaltation of a snake.